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VTech Sit- to- Stand Learning Walker review

Need help teaching your Child to Walk? Read this V-Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Review First


Are you looking for a walker that not only teaches your child to walk but educates him at the same time? Well, you might want to stop your search as reading this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review will give you enough reasons to get this walker for your child. This walker comes with specific features that will convince any parent that they are investing a reasonable amount of money for a walker that can also function as an activity area for kids aged 9 months onwards. This baby walker is made to help your child start taking their first steps and at the same time have fun with toys that will contribute to their development.


Who Should Get this Walker?

The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is made specifically for kids aged 9 months to 3 years. Parents whose children are starting to crawl can actually purchase this walker to get their children started with their training in walking. It comes with a standalone activity that allows your child to discover colors, shapes, animals, numbers, and even music. The activity panel can be attached to the walker when used to make the product more efficient for your child’s development. Upon checking a VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review, you’ll understand how your child can actually benefit from it.



Reading through this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review, you’ll learn that this walker comes with interesting features such as the following:

  • It comes with a removable activity or play panel that helps in the development of your child’s fine motor skills.
  • The panel comes with piano keys that encourage creativity as your child plays with it.
  • Wheels can work on both hard and carpeted floors.
  • It is designed with shape sorters, spinning rollers, and buttons that light up and can all contribute in developing motor skills.
  • The activity panel has a pretend phone handset with mechanical elements for a more fun role-playing with your child. Batteries are included with the product.
  • It has built-in sing-along songs, sound effects, music, and various fun phrases that your toddler will learn speaking as he listens to it every now and then.




Pros and Cons

For the pros, this walker allows any child to practice walking around while developing their other senses. When your child doesn’t feel like training to walk, you can leave him in front of the play panel and let him discover all items in it. The only issue that other parents encounter and have shared with their VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review articles is that the wheels seem to go too fast. However, other parents mentioned that proper adjustments on the wheels and using the item with the play panel attached can prevent this issue from happening.



Summing up all the features mentioned in this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker review, you’ll realize how efficient this product is for your child’s growth and development. It will not only help in improving his motor skills but will also contribute to his early familiarization with shapes, music, and colors. Most parents find it a better investment than other walkers that are offered in the market as it offers more than just teaching kids how to walk.


Urban beatz flash wireless rhythmic led speaker review

The Flashiest Wireless Speaker

With so many speakers for sale out in the market today, which one would you choose? Would you stick to the traditional speakers or would you go with the flow of trends and get something unique yet functional at the same time?

Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker has got everything covered for you. It gives you form, function and not to mention that undeniable “oomph” factor, which will surely have everyone talking about your new speakers.

Relatively new in the market, Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is out to wow consumers. What’s the wow factor you say? Well, it glows! The speaker features LED lights that move and flash in time to the beat of the music you are playing at the moment, but more than the entertaining light show, the speaker also has other features that prove that it is not only eye-catching but highly functional at the same time. Read on to find out more about its features.

What Makes Urban Beatz Good?

First of all, the speaker has a sleek and stylish design. The circular-shaped glow speaker, which comes in a set of two is also durable and this is always a plus factor especially if you like to take it outdoors. It is customized with light sensitivity controls and a built-in volume which produces nothing but clean and clear sound quality – no irritating statics here, you can depend on that!

Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is also a versatile speaker since it is highly portable. It measures 4x3x8.5 and you can use it either wired or wireless. This means that you can play it in the comforts of your home or in outdoor settings like a backyard party or a barbecue for an instance. When used without its cable, it can play for as long as four hours if it is fully charged. It also comes with a Bluetooth range that can reach up to 30 feet, making it more accessible to other devices you wish to pair it with.

Along with the glow speakers, you will also get a charging cable, the 3.5 mm aux cable for wired playing and of course that essential user manual. The speakers come in sophisticated black or white.

Music in itself is already a great means of creating that particular ambiance in any occasion. Whether you are hanging out on your own or you are with a group of people in a small party, there is nothing like music to boost up the mood. But couple that with a mesmerizing light display and you got yourself a great gadget. These are exactly the things that Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker offers to you for the very affordable price of $24.99. Now that is one good deal.

Urban Beatz has been known for producing high quality speakers and Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is no exception. Get your own set now and be one of the first to avail of this great audio-visual product.








Urban beatz g6 wireless portable speaker system review

The Urban Beatz G6 Wireless Portable Speaker System Review

Portability and high quality are two of the most important things anyone can ask for when it comes to their devices. From laptops to smart phones, people today tend to be more inquisitive about the performance of whatever gadget they may be planning to purchase.

The same goes for audiophiles. Sound and music, to them, should be treated with as much care and respect as a chef treats his dishes. Bad quality in sound is a taboo and should not be even tolerated because it has the great potential of ruining the auditory experience.

While there are more than enough audio products – speaker systems, specifically – out there that claim to be of high quality, mothing beats the Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system.

The countless Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system review articles online have attested to what the product can offer to its users:

  1. It can withstand wear and tear – In many Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system review articles, these heavy-duty speakers are built to last. Since portability is one of its unique points, manufacturers make sure that their product can outlast their competition in terms of being tough and sturdy.
  2. Sound quality unlike no other – This wireless portable speaker system can outmatch any other speakers in the market with its crisp and clear sound that can keep anyone’s party going.
  3. It goes where the party goes – As mentioned above, portability is one of the Urban Beatz G6’s unique selling points. Whether it’s a rooftop party or a bonfire at the beach, these speakers will never disappoint as many of the Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system review articles online will stand firmly by.
  4. Play it with anything – Whether it’s with a tablet, a laptop, or a smart phone, the Urban Beatz G6 is compatible with almost all kinds of media playing device.

Wireless speakers generally get a lot of bad press online. However, users and satisfied customers of this product write nothing but the best on various Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system review forums and websites.

From music aficionados to professionals, the Urban Beatz G6 shows plenty of promise in terms of beating its competition. Everyone can now say goodbye to bothersome cords and cables that get tangled easily because of the system’s wireless capabilities. Also, the days of bad sound, static noise, and annoying background crackling are at an end with the Urban Beatz system and its incomparable quality in delivering the best sound to listeners.

There are varying opinions on the Urban Beatz G6 wireless portable speaker system review websites, but one thing is for sure: they are always words of customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality. Newer products will always come to flood the market but nothing can easily compare to the very distinct sound that the Urban Beatz G6 system delivers.

Portability, wireless capabilities, crisp sound and a heavy-duty guarantee: these are just few of the many qualities that this product offers to its users.

Urban beatz bongo bluetooth speaker review

Quick Look: An Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth Speaker Review

With the advent of smart phones and wireless technology, and a number of online media platforms to play music and stream videos, one of the most essential requirements for any media connoisseur is sound quality.

Quality of sound can make or break an entire experience. No one wants static in the background or the constant crackling of a busted speaker cable. It just ruins everything and can throw off anyone’s mood. Whether a person is watching an epic movie or listening to the most fantastic classical music online, bad sound quality can ruin everything.

Luckily, the Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker has come to the market to solve these problems. One does not really have to be a technical genius to figure out what great sound is. With a Bluetooth range of up to 33 feet, restrictive cables can say goodbye and anyone can now take their music anywhere.

There are several Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker review articles online and all of them speak of the awesome quality of the product. Its portability is one of the main selling points of the product. Wireless technology is at its height and this Urban beatz speaker is a product that will not be left behind. On a single charge alone, users can enjoy continuous playback of up to 4 hours.

Recharging is made easy with a micro USB cable so that the music will just keep on playing. Plug it directly into a wall outlet or connect it to a laptop, the party will keep on going as long as these speakers continue pumping beats and dropping bass lines!

The Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker review forums are always buzzing with great comments and user ratings – proving that this product not only passes strict quality compliance but also great user satisfaction. From taking these speakers to house parties to a weekend beach getaway, Urban Beatz is like the friend who is always the life of any party.

Available online and in stores, this Urban Beatz speaker is definitely easy to come by. With a guarantee of high performance, merchants who carry this product in their shelves can make sure that it is definitely worth the purchase and all the hype on Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker review sites, blogs, and articles.

To wrap everything up about this product, what should people expect from the Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker? Aside from great product satisfaction, the product comes with these:

  • A 33-feet Bluetooth range that eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and cords
  • Great sound quality that creates an awesome listening experience
  • Portability that allows users to take their music anywhere they go
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous, single charge playback to keep the party going
  • Micro USB port
  • Micro USB cable

The Urban Beatz Bongo Bluetooth speaker review blogs and forums have all the information and user testimonials that anyone needs to find out just how great these speakers are and why they should get them.

Urban beatz rockbox speaker review

Urban Beatz Rockbox Review


Today’s market is saturated with speakers in every size and shape, but only a few are worth your money. Don’t be fooled by products with sleek facades that fall short in terms of reliability and longevity. Some appear in the guise of expensive brands, misleading consumers into buying subpar devices which are primarily just status symbols. Quality is difficult to come by these days. The good thing is that there are a few select speakers which offer good value for your money. One of them is the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker.


This portable speaker is perfect for your listening needs both at home and outdoors. For as low as $40, you will get the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker along with a 26-inch USB charging cable and a 33-inch auxiliary cable with a 3.5-mm stereo plug. It is simple to set and to connect to your audio source.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker consists of a pair of 3-watt speaker cones enclosed in a chic landscape box. It is 7 inches long and has a cross section of 2.2 inches wide by 2.2 inches high. It’s small enough to carry around or store in a bag. It is complete with control buttons to adjust the volume and navigate the playlist. Its stainless steel grilles with rounded corners could easily fit in your home décor but also make it casual enough to take with you anywhere. The rubberized finish of the exteriors maintains the speaker’s pristine appearance. It also comes in a variety of colors which suit your personality and preference. You can choose from classic black, fiery red, chic pink, and funky lime.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker guarantees a 30-meter transmission line from the speaker to the audio source making it convenient for you to move around while still connected to the device. You can use the speakers to listen to your saved music or the radio, channel the audio from videos you are watching, and even take calls through its built-in microphone.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker at full volume can reverberate loudly in an enclosure even across rooms and within a reasonable distance out in the open. You are free to use it while preparing dinner, taking a shower, or having a cookout on your lawn. It is compatible with all devices which have a Bluetooth connection like smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and PCs. You may use the auxiliary cable to connect to appliances like the television.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker also offers high-definition sound which is the basic requirement for any decent speaker. Spoken words, sounds, and music are crisp and clear as they should be. The device also has minimum to no sound distortion which is common among most commercially available portable speakers, especially when they’re used in the loudest volume range. Above all, you need not worry too much about running out of battery juice because its rechargeable batteries can last up to 7 hours even with continuous playing.


Among the portable speakers available out there, the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker is phenomenal. It comes highly recommended from other users who have thoroughly enjoyed its reliability in bringing high quality sound for long hours.

Ivation Acoustix IPX7 Review

Ivation Acoustix IPX7 Review


Ivation launched the Acoustix IPX7 as the ultimate outdoor Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is handy because of its portable size. It also has flip-up handles on each end which you can conveniently pop up to hang the device using the carabineer lanyard that comes free with the product. More importantly, the Ivation Acoustix IPX7 is designed to be waterproof, making it resistant to splashes and accidental submersion in water. It also stands out because of its clear LED display which is a feature that’s rare in compact speakers.


The Ivation Acoustix IPX7 can be easily connected to your phones, tablets, and PC via Bluetooth. Setting up is fairly straightforward. The LED display shows you the current mode (Bluetooth/FM/AUX), details of the song playing, FM radio channel, battery level, volume, and incoming caller ID. You can speak through the device when answering calls using the built-in microphone. Other than wireless calls, Ivation Acoustix IPX7 also offers call waiting and last call redial, which are made easy by the clear LED display.


A fully charged speaker offers 9 hours of straight use on maximum volume. Charging the device takes no more than 3 hours and is made hassle-free with the flat type tangle-free USB cable inclusive of the package. Apart from being reliable, it is also durable. The Ivation Acoustix IPX7 is designed with stainless steel black grilles for a contemporary look. It is reinforced with a rubber-like finish for impact resistance. The IPX7 code is an indication that the speaker is dustproof and waterproof. You also need not worry about losing the device when in open water because it can float.


Though it is clear that the basic features of the product are promising, it is only as good as the sound it makes. Fortunately, the Ivation Acoustix IPX7 offers excellent sound quality. The solid basses and distinct trebles echo with precision when the device is wet or dry. Each device is equipped with two sets of 4-watt speaker cones offering a loud and powerful auditory experience. This is perfect when you are outdoors and the sound is not contained.


However, some users may find it a bit too loud. Probably the only drawback of this speaker is that it offers poor control in the lower volume range. The lowest default volume level can be heard from across three rooms. This can easily be overcome by adjusting the volume on the audio source itself, but lowering the decibels to a mild level when using the built-in FM radio is not possible with the onboard controls.


The Ivation Acoustix IPX7 can be purchased under $100, which is a good value considering its features. Overall, it is a worthy addition to your outdoor gear. It is easy to carry around, waterproof, has good sound quality, and long battery life. With the Ivation Acoustix IPX7, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music while hiking, camping, or fishing. This speaker also fits well when used at home. It’s ideal for parties or dancing like no one’s watching.