Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat review

The Biobubble Chameleon Cantina As An Alternative Habitat

It is fascinating to observe a chameleon in motion as it grasps a branch with its pincer-like hands and feet. A chameleon captivates as it scales a bough and keeps its balance with its prehensile tail wrapped around the branch. What is more thrilling is that a chameleon’s eyes can move independently. And one can see the lizard’s very long projectile tongue whenever it drinks droplets from foliages and feeds its flattened body with crickets and mealworms. A chameleon’s tongue can extend to up to twice the length of its body in some cases. To top it all off, a chameleon is able to change colors. It does so whenever it is filled with anger or fear. It also changes colors to regulate heat or as a way to camouflage. What a treat it is to see several color shifts from the shades of yellow, orange, blue, green, black, and brown, depending on the primary color of the chameleon.

All these enthralling observations are more apparent when a chameleon is housed in a transparent cage just like the Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat. It is a plastic enclosure that offers a 360-degree crystal clear view of the chameleon and its habitat. This makes it more enjoyable to watch a chameleon go about its daily grind. The Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat is a welcome alternative from the usual screen cage. This enclosure is mostly made of plastic material except for its magnetic easy-access screen door. Its weight is 13.2 lbs., width is 16 inches, length is 16 inches, and height is 16 inches.

Owners of pet chameleons have more liberty in designing the habitat of their animals with a Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat. First of all, the enclosure can be a standing or hanging habitat. It is designed to sit securely on a table or on the floor. It can also be decorated to the liking of pet owners. The Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat provides several attachable and bendable branches and vines for decoration. Pet owners can choose to add more furnishings such as leaves and water fountain bridges.

Other features of the Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat are the vented cap, crystal clear dome, and 8 BioClips to secure the dome, base, and riser. Its base is watertight when using the accompanying substrate tray while its riser is made of clean and non-glass flexible material. The magnetic screen door on the riser gives sufficient ventilation for the chameleon.

The Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat also has a light screen designed to hold up to two custom lights for reptiles. A chameleon owner can install a heat bulb and UVB bulb which are both needed by the pet. The heat bulb is needed to keep the chameleon warm by maintaining the temperature of the enclosure. The UVB bulb is needed to provide the pet with ample UVB exposure so that it remains healthy. A pet owner is also advised to install a digital terrarium thermometer and humidity gauge. These added features will surely boost the well-being of pet chameleons.

Having a Biobubble chameleon cantina habitat allows pet owners to experience advanced functionality while expressing their creativity through customization. Another advantage is that the cantina is easily cleanable with just warm water and mild detergent. It is truly a habitat that is worth considering for both new and longtime chameleon owners.