Oontz angle plus review

OontZ Angle Plus Review

Are you looking for a speaker that can improve your music listening experience without spending much? You may find that with OontZ Angle Plus, a Bluetooth speaker that delivers great performance at a price you can afford. Find out more about what makes this great product the best option in the OontZ Angle Plus review below!

More about the Product and its Manufacturer

The OontZ Angle Plus is a speaker offered by an experienced audio manufacturer, the Cambridge SoundWorks. The Bluetooth speaker can be conveniently described in three ways: portable, weatherproof and affordable. Being portable, the speaker only weighs 6 ounces and has a 6x3x3 inches dimension. The speaker is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing it to connect to various devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. It also features several button controls like the power, Play/Pause and Volume buttons. The package includes a USB charging cord, placing pad, auxiliary cable and the speaker unit.

Primary Features

In this OontZ Angle Plus review, you will find the top three features that make the product a good buy for your money. First on the list is the Passive Subwoofer feature, which is what enables the unit to deliver a crystal-clear high quality sound and enhanced bass. OontZ Angle Plus offers Wireless and Quick Connectivity, a feature that allows it to connect to devices in just seconds. It has its Bluetooth technology that lets users play their favorite music wirelessly. The technology works in a range of up to 30 feet.

Lastly, its Built-In Microphone makes it possible for users to use the speaker as a hands-free speaker phone. While it improves your music listening experience, it also makes it possible for you to answer and reject calls.

The Good and Bad

The product comes with its fair share of pros and cons that are listed in this specific part of this OontZ Angle Plus review.

The good includes:

  • A battery capacity of 2,200 mAh, which is said to be 110% better than the usual. It lets you enjoy listening to your music wirelessly for 15 hours.
  • The unit is also water-resistant and even received an IPX5 rating fit. This rating signifies that the unit can withstand both splash and dust, making it a great device to have for outdoor lovers.
  • Truly portable that it can fit the palm of your hand.
  • Apart from the passive subwoofer, the speaker also boasts of 2 powerful acoustic drivers that contribute to its excellent stereo sound.
  • One difference that the speaker has over others is its ability to work up to 30 feet. Consequently, Bluetooth technology streams audio at a lesser distance, but the Oontz Angle Plus has a better Bluetooth wireless range.

The bad:

  • Although the unit has wireless capabilities, it cannot pass audio in any other devices and headphones.
  • A few OontZ Angle Plus review state that beginners may have some issues in pairing the unit with their device on the first use.

Wrap Up

To conclude the OontZ Angle Plus review, it can be said that the speaker delivers a level of performance and sound quality that gives more than what it costs. It is inexpensive and is a great option for those who are looking for a speaker that they can use both outdoors and indoors.


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