SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Headset review

SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Headset Review

The latest trend in audio today is that of Bluetooth. While it was initially only seen as a trend, it has become more and more popular. Hands free audio allows for easy transitions from sound to real world living. You’re going to find that there are a lot of companies pushing headphones with marketing heavy campaigns. Then there are those that are building quality headphones, cutting the price, and pushing substance over everything else. That’s what you’re going to find with these basic solutions from Soundbot. The SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Headset is performance heavy, and is a low-cost option overall. The wireless headset is great for hands free calling, streaming, and upwards of 20 hours of talk time.

The Rundown (Basics)

When you breakdown the features, you’re going to find that they are rechargeable, and let you have 20 hours of talk time, and upwards of 400 hours of standby. The design is meant to go around the neck, hanging from the ears, and comfortable to wear. You’ll also be able to fold them, to stow them when traveling. This also supports Bluetooth AsDP, AVRCP, as well as HS/HF audio. There’s a noise cancelling element and noise reduction element within the headphones, so that you are getting pure audio enjoyment. All of these cool features makes the SoundBot option one of the best solutions for audio streams, and more today.

SoundBot_ SB240 Sapphire Blue/Black Bluetooth Headset for Music Streaming & HandsFree Calling for 20 Hours of Talk Time, 400 Hours of Standby Time w/ MicroUSB Charging Port & Cable Included

Bottom Line

When you look deeper into the SoundBot SB240 Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Headset, you’re going to find that there are thousands upon thousands of reviews. Amidst them, the overwhelmingly positive response makes these headphones an interesting purchase. You’ll find that the positive nature of the headphones definitely makes them interesting to look into. Whether you want to listen to podcasts, or you want to work out without any wires, these are going to become the best headphones you have. They are portable, rechargeable, and absolutely wireless. Charge them and get going, or simply relax while waiting at an airport, without having to worry about interruptions. It’s definitely a great pair of headphones, for a fraction of the cost of others.