Sunwayman d40c review

Sunwayman d40c Review

When you need a strong flashlight, but you want compact design, you’ll want to check out the Sunwayman d40c. This is a solution that is small overall, but it packs a serious punch. You’ll see through the darkness in nearly any situation with relative ease. There are two luminous points tied to this option, and it’s made of a hardened material that can take quite the beating. This is not a “child’s” flashlight, mind you, it is very powerful, and will surprise you every time you use it. Whether you want to have it in the palm of your hand, or you want it in your pocket, you’ll find that it’s easy to move along with this solution.

The Rundown (Basics)

It’s easy to see why you may like this option. It’s small, lightweight, and packs a serious luminous display. However, you’re going to find that the features really stand out here. First, you’ll find that there is a mineral glass up front with an anti-scratch coating. The body is made of military grade aluminum alloy, and has been given a hard finish that is meant to get you through even the hardest of situations. Drop it, throw it, and step on it, you won’t bust it. It’s also waterproof and reaches the IPX-8 standard. You may need this to fish, you may need it in the rain, whatever the case is, the light is not going to die on you if you are in the wild. The tough manufacturing process is one of the reasons why this is getting such high marks amidst other lights right now. Not only that, the price tag shows that this is no “child’s” toy. This is a serious tactical flashlight.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you have to decide if you want a good tactical flashlight, or you want something simple for everyday use. If you want something more rugged than your traditional lighting solution, this is going to be it. You are going to be investing in the Sunwayman d40c with the notion that it is absolutely bright, and rugged. It certainly is, and worth looking into for a variety of jobs.

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