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AR500 Armor Level III Plate Torture review

AR500 Armor Level III Plate Torture Review

Body armor comes in various levels, and is created to protect you from a variety of munitions. Amidst the options you’ll want to explore, there’s the AR500 Armor Level III Plate Torture. This is an option that is going to absolutely protect you against a wide range of threats and calibers. As you look at the features of this option, you’ll find that with this on your body, even just one, will give you a fighting chance in a firefight. There are several elements that make this a sold solution, and it comes up with the weight, style, and fact that it’s made in the United States with strict standards.

The Rundown (Basics)

Focusing on the basic features, you’re going to find that this plate can withstand a great deal of impact. You can take on upwards of a 7.62 x 51 M80 Nato Ball at 2,700 plus feet per second. The manufacturer also touts that you can take on all pistol calibers. That’s right, this option will protect you in case of pistol fire, and has been tested to showcase low profile when suited up. It is sealed, designed to protect against chemicals, ballistics, and more. It can also take on many hits, with a weight only around 8.5 pounds, this is not something that you are going to regret picking up, that’s for sure. You can use this creatively, or you could use it as it’s been marketed, to protect you. Overall the AR500 Armor Level III Plate Torture is a long lasting, strong solution that is meant to cover you as need from harsh elements, and bullets.

Bottom Line

The price tag on this solution is far less than what you would expect from other solutions.  This is an option that will protect you in a pinch, and will help you gain traction in defense. It’s been well reviewed, and tested thoroughly. This is not a “marketing hype” type of option, it’s real world defense and a definite upgrade for anyone looking to protect themselves. It’s a solid solution at an affordable price.