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Graco nautilus 3 in 1 car seat

Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 Car Seat Review

Parents that are planning on driving around with their children need to have the right seat. You cannot just put a child into a car without a car seat, booster, and other elements that help with safety. In fact, it’s the law in most cases. With that in mind, you’ll find that there are a great number of car seats on the market, and amidst some of the better ones, the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 Car Seat comes to mind. This is a solution that promises 3 different options, letting you get a great deal of use from your seat over time. If your goal is to keep the seat around while your child grows, this is definitely one to consider overall. The feature rich option also comes with an affordable price, making it a great choice to consider.

The Rundown (Basics)

The Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 Car Seat comes with a line up of features that you would definitely expect from a higher end seat. At first glance, it comes with several harnesses. You will be able to ensure that your child is safely in place, with extra padding through the top of the seat, on the sides, and along the bottom. There’s also a cup holder, several adjustable elements, and a 5 point safety system to ensure that comfort is not thrown out. Comfort and safety intermingle here, which is a great thing, and you’ll definitely see it from your first use. Graco has done a great deal to throw in a lot of elements for adjustment, safety, and comfort, so that you have full peace of mind.

Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat, Sully

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Bottom Line

There are thousands of reviews talking about this solution, and nearly all of them are positive. Amidst the most common elements, you’ll find safety and comfort go hand in hand. Aside from that, people noted that you can switch this from a traditional car seat into a booster and more. It has a weight limit of 100 pounds, and adjusts with relative ease. It’s one of the best reviewed options on the market today, and it shows.