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How to increase your vertical jump

The key on how to increase your vertical jump is about the strength of your legs. Know the essential leg exercises, including the plyometric ways.

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump and Improve Leaping Ability

For anyone who wants to engage in sports, high leaping ability is very paramount. Whether you are a basketball, volley ball, tennis player or whatever sport you try to engage in, you must be able to leap or take a vertical jump. You can achieve the high leap with even simple training program. All you have to master is the ability on how to increase your vertical jump.

Leg power as major key on how to increase your vertical jump

The way how to increase your vertical jump lies on how strong your legs are. Your thighs and legs do not have to be big or long; you can gain the right strength with different leg exercises. Generally, the movements for your legs to achieve a leaping activity include squats, leg press, calf raises, jump rope, sprinting and many others. People had been doing one or all of these exercises and were proven to be effective.

The relation with the vertical jump and leg exercise makes sense. Exercises make the legs stronger and when stronger, you can exert more force on the ground. Once you have established your feet on the ground, you are able to jump higher.

Your leg muscles must not only be strong but flexible too, particularly your knees and calf. These are leg parts that will push you up and this is the needed move on how to increase your vertical jump. Doing lunges will strengthen your leg muscles.

Sample exercises for leg power

Of course there are many different leg exercises; here are some of the most common leg moves on how to increase your vertical leap.

  • Stretching is paramount in beginning to exercise. You have to warm-up your muscles in order to prevent leg aches. And after the leg work-out, you again have to stretch to cool down the muscles. However, you must not over stretch otherwise you will burn your muscle out and ultimately cause soreness.


  • Jumping is very ordinary exercise but very few realize that this is one of the hardest to perform and to do with perfection. It requires your body to be agile, flexible and strong.


  • Stair climbing is another convenient exercise on how to increase your vertical jump. Climb the stairs up and down and as you do the steps, push up to make a leap.


  • Skipping to some is an activity of children but indeed this will improve the agility of your legs thus making you jump higher and at a faster pace.


  • Full back squats must be performed. These moves are the best form of lift exercises. What this does is increase your back muscles’ agility, stability and strength. This protects the spinal cord to enable you to do a safe vertical jump.

Understanding plyometric exercises

There is one form of leg exercises that will tend to increase the power and explosion of your vertical jump. This is called the plyometrics. The purpose of this move is to shorten the jump time, from the time you start the leap to the time that you land on the floor or ground. Among the kinds of plyometric moves on how to increase your vertical jump are jump ropes, ankle bounces, box jumps and standing broad jumps.

For an athlete, it is very important to know how to increase your vertical jump. It is not a hard task that results to a great accomplishment. The moves are simple but the goal is huge; this is to give strength to the legs muscles.