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How to lose weight fast

Foods you eat have a big effect on dropping off pounds. Have you known the kinds to foods to eat? Here is a solid guide on how to lose weight fast.

How to Lose Weight Fast – Concentrating on Types of Foods

It is admitted that crash diet is the main method on how to lose weight fast. But that will only be a short-lived loss of weight. After being starved, you will have the tendency to eat a lot after, thus it is never an advisable way on how to lose weight fast. Aside from possible weight gain after, your mode of losing weight fast is not healthy as your body will be deprived of needed nutrients. The end result is being sick, moody and unsatisfied.

Lowering insulin as good way on how to lose weight fast

A better way of dieting is controlling the amount of calorie intake and that means cutting back on sugar and starch. Excess sugar is converted into fats.

Major sources of sugar and starch are pasta, white rice, bread and white processed flour. These foods will stimulate secretion of insulin, the major hormone of the body for fat storage. Surely many on the diet regimen are not aware on the correlation between weight loss and insulin. What we know is that insulin is correlated to diabetes and sugar.

Lowering insulin level is not only good for your weight loss regimen but it is makes your kidney function well for the elimination of water and sodium in your system. Elimination of water will reduce your bloating. It also brings down your water weight making your bathroom scale register lesser number of pounds. When your insulin level is low, it would be easier to burn the fats to ultimately eliminate them from where they are stored. Furthermore, lower insulin level is a key to easy burning of the calories, specifically fats.


Why you should cut your carbohydrate intake

How to lose weight fast means properly following a low carb diet. This precludes cutting your calories for shedding of pounds. When your carbohydrate intake is at the minimum, your body will concentrate on just burning the fats and not the carbs. It is not imperative for you to be really counting the calorie intake and calorie burned. Just make a swift calculation, sticking to less than 50 grams of carb calories; it is better to reduce it to 30 to 35 grams. A low carb diet consists mainly of vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber and fiber has the big role in easily breaking down the fats.

Fat protein, fruits and vegetables to be a major part of the menu

We have set the foods that must be avoided. Now, what are the foods to eat? You still need to ingest foods that are fat sources. To your vegetable diet, you can alternate a high protein diet also. The vegetable diet limits your carb intake to the recommended amount. On the other hand, the high protein diet will address your calorie burned goal; a high protein diet boosts your metabolism thus burning more calories. The diet with high level of protein will also suppress your hunger so you can avoid snacking. Fish, eggs and lean meats are your best sources of protein.

Water will also play an important role when you are on diet. Drinking lots of water is another explosive way on how to lose weight fast. Water will make you feel full thus you are able to forego the in-between meals referred to as snacks. While eating your big meal, water can lower your appetite as you will also feel full once you drink more water.

With the right food, incorporate daily exercise and lifestyle change. The real way on how to lose weight fast is usually centered on the foods. Exercise though is an integral part of a weight loss regimen. You need to burn those calories that got into your body. On how to lose weight fast, further help the food and exercise regimen with a good lifestyle of no cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. Get enough sleep and rest.