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iEGrow 7 Color Touch Sensitive Tumbler Night Light review

iEGrow 7 Color Touch Sensitive Tumbler Night Light Review

The old night lights you used to plug into the wall are long gone. Ok, they aren’t completely gone, but innovation has definitely made them seem archaic. That is definitely something that you will notice when you pick up the iEGrow 7 Color Touch Sensitive Tumbler Night Light. This is an interesting night light that glows, rather than just illuminates in the traditional sense. It’s shaped like a mushroom, and it is a perfect device to put into any room, especially kids that want to have a little light to shine through their evenings. This comes with 3 different types of lighting modes, and also comes in a selection of blue, pink, and yellow. The lighting element is a glowing orb of sorts, with soft light as the beginning element and brighter up to 7 different styles.

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The Rundown (Basics)

The iEGrow 7 Color Touch Sensitive Tumbler Night Light is definitely an option that replaces your traditional night light. It has a soft, intriguing light that focuses on safety and more. It’s meant to not hurt the eyes at night, and the LED element uses less energy than your traditional lightbulb solutions. You can connect it through a USB cable, or you can use batteries, and even plug it into the wall if you’d like. Even though it’s simple, there’s a lot going on for a night light. It’s actually quite intriguing, as many reviewers have put it.

Bottom Line

Whether you have a baby in the nursery, or you just want some soft light in your living room, this is a great upgrade to the traditional night light. The glowing aura is definitely intriguing, and you’ll find that it’s safety rated, simple for a baby night light, or a child. It comes with a silicone light cover as well, and light induction to let you control a bit more of the elements. This glowing touch sensitive tumbler night light has good reviews, glows in a unique fashion, and can be placed anywhere you want some light. Soft to the touch, without heat, and easy to manage, the iEGrow line up is great.