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Reptarium for chameleon

Reptarium For Chameleon (Basic 22 Option) Review

When considering an enclosure for your chameleon, you’ll no doubt have a lot of options to consider. One of the better solutions you’ll find is made by the Reptarium brand. Searching online for Reptarium For Chameleon, will help you get a look at some of the enclosures and mesh cages that they have. If you’re in the market for one today, look for the initial option of the basic 22. This is a 22 gallon option that is more than adequate for a chameleon, gecko, and even small iguanas. You’ll find that this can house a wide range of small reptiles and even amphibians.

The Rundown (Basics)

The basic features of the Reptarium For Chameleon Basic 22 solution comes in the shape and size. The overall dimensions are 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches by 25 inches, giving you adequate space to fill out with a variety of different elements. You can add a heating element, rocks, waterfall, and much more if you’d like. Also, this particular option has a screen ventilation element, and heavy duty construction so that you will not have to worry about an escape of any kind. Your reptile will be able to breathe, and will not jump or crawl out. This is meant for chameleons and other small reptiles, and it shows.

Bottom Line

The Reptarium branded solutions are reviewed well, and are low cost overall. This only weighs a couple of pounds, but is made of rigid plastic and stores very easily wherever you may want it. All you need to do is put it together, decorate, add some little features for your reptile, and of course add a heating element. With that, you’ll be ready to house your pet with ease. This is a good, simple, basic solution to consider if you’re going to have a chameleon. Now, if you want to add a second small chameleon, this can be a good solution, but if you have many reptile friends, you’ll need to invest in a larger size, no doubt. Overall, this is a great entry in mesh cages, at a great price.