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Reptibreeze chameleon kit review

Consulting A Reptibreeze Chameleon Kit Review Before Purchasing

New pet chameleon owners must be briefed extensively about the behavior and needs of their animals. A chameleon is unlike a domesticated dog that one can just pat, get, carry, and tickle. Some chameleons like to be held but others do not. It is more advisable to let a chameleon walk to its owner’s hands. If a pet owner grabs a chameleon, the animal could get surprised and anxious. It could even fall off the cage and get injured.

A chameleon, which is a lizard, usually prefers to be alone in a cage. This territorial reptile can be found in various parts of Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa but its population is concentrated in the island country of Madagascar, off the coast of Southeast Africa. Chameleons come in many colors like yellow, orange, green, blue, black, and brown. They are known for their ability to change colors in order to regulate heat. They also change colors whenever they are stressed, afraid, and/or angry. They like to eat crickets and drink water droplets from foliage.

As for the needs of chameleons in captivity, pet owners need to know that they are aplenty. A screen cage is recommended for a chameleon to have proper ventilation. A chameleon also needs to have a lot of branches and foliage because it is an arboreal creature, meaning it is often found on plants and trees. It also needs to be kept warm at all times. Plus, it needs UVB lighting to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease and other illnesses. In addition, the humidity in its environment has to be regulated.

These pieces of information may be overwhelming for new pet chameleon owners. But they shouldn’t worry — all they have to do is to read a lot about the available habitats for their animals. They just have to be wary about reviews because it is easy for subjective critics to bash online. Pet owners are advised to read as many testimonials as possible and take everything with a grain of salt.

A Reptibreeze chameleon kit review will be able to show pet owners that the starter kit by Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. addresses all the needs of chameleons. Its ReptiBreeze aluminum screen cage comes with a hinged front door and bottom door. The cage, which is made of corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum screening, is 16 inches in width, 16 inches in length, and 30 inches in height. The cage is affordable, attractive, and of high quality, states a Reptibreeze chameleon kit review. It is also very simple to assemble the cage with just a screwdriver in hand.

The need for foliage and branches is also addressed by the ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit. The starter kit comes with a naturalistic hanging vine and artificial plant bushes that a chameleon will surely be fond of since it naturally likes to be on plants and trees. The kit also provides an Eco Carpet for the pet chameleon. A Reptibreeze chameleon kit review adds that the starter kit has all the tools to stabilize temperature and regulate humidity. These are the digital terrarium thermometer and tropical UVB and heat lighting kit.

Another Reptibreeze chameleon kit review points out the good qualities of the product as well as the few aspects which can be improved on. Still, what’s striking is that practically in every Reptibreeze chameleon kit review, the consensus is that it is a good starter kit for new pet chameleon owners because it has all the essential components needed to properly take care of the animal. A Reptibreeze chameleon kit review even adds that customers will receive samples of ReptiSafe water conditioner, Repti Calcium without Vitamin D3, and ReptiVite with Vitamin D3 in their starter kits.