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Soundbot sb270 bluetooth headphones review

Soundbot sb270 Bluetooth Headphones Review

High quality sound is not hard to find when you look at headphones. But without the inflated prices, quality audio may seem tough to consider. Well, that’s all starting to change as companies like SoundBot are starting to make serious waves within the world of audio. The Soundbot sb270 Bluetooth Headphones are an interesting solution as they combine high quality audio, portability, and Bluetooth connectivity at a fraction of the cost that others are pushing for similar solutions. Soundbot has really done something grand with this solution, giving music fans a good pair of hands free headphones to use on the go, or just about anywhere.

The Rundown (Basics)

At first glance, these mold to ear options don’t seem too threatening. However, when you open them up and put them on, you’re going to find why they are getting so many reviews right now. They are a top notch pair of headphones with over a thousand, mostly positive, reviews. Amidst the main features, you’ll find self-adjusting ear cups, foam padded head frame, multi-touch control system, Bluetooth connectivity, 12 hours of talk or music streaming time, and a foldable design for easy storage. A lot of attention has been given to the overall design and style of these headphones, alongside the audio qualities that make them stand out today. With the price tag that is more than half of the cost of the competition, you may find that these are well suited for everyday listening, as well as travel.

Bottom Line

The overall bottom line on the Soundbot sb270 Bluetooth Headphones is that they are high quality headphones at a low price. The technology in them gives you adequate bass boosts, quality fidelity, enhanced treble, and pure sound that will definitely rival many other options on the market. The reviews note the ease of folding and storing the headset, as well as comfort of wearing them while traveling. While they don’t have extreme noise reduction, the self-adjusting ear cap does in fact cup the ear to deliver a potent mix of audio for anyone that is looking to get amazing sound in a simple package.