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Vivexotic viva bearded dragon vivarium review

Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium Review

Fans of reptiles will know that it takes a little bit of work to keep them safe and sound. That includes finding the right housing for them. Many people go with a converted fish tank or some sort of makeshift enclosure. While those can work, it’s best not to go with that option if you’re serious about your reptiles. If you want to ensure that they are doing great, and thriving in a habitat, look into getting a proper option. For instance, the Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium is a solution for those that want to own bearded dragons. This solution can come as a stand alone option, and a kit if need be. Either option is great, but take a closer look at the actual enclosure for a moment.

The Rundown (Basics)

The enclosure is made of strong materials, and allows you to set up heating, water, rocks and more. You can make sure that the habitat is fully enclosed for the most part, but with ventilation elements so that you can see your bearded dragon thrive. There’s several elements where they can bask in the heat, and options that simulate the light and dark of their home habitats. There’s a ventilation system that runs throughout, and safe position for lighting and more. You’ll also find that if you purchase the kit, you’ll receive a lot of different options to get started. Now, the only drawback to this is that it’s not made for hatchlings, so you’ll want to have a dragon that is over 21 cms in length.

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Bottom Line

As you look at the features and elements of this vivarium, you’ll see that it’s made for reptiles, and not a conversion. You have enough room for upwards of 2 bearded dragons, and you’ll find that the glass doors, wood elements, and mesh insets all work towards giving reptiles a great overall option for thriving. The Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium is a great solution for those that want a nice cabinet look and feel, only designed for reptiles, specifically bearded dragons. Simply put, it’s a great option to explore.