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Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review

All the Basics of Vivexotic Viva Chameleon Vivarium

Chameleons are a popular choice for those who are looking for exotic animals to keep as pets. These reptiles are well-liked for their ability to change their colors. They are quite a sight to see. Several stylish vivarium options make chameleon care more appealing than ever. Vivexotic Viva Chameleon Vivarium is among these options. It is worth reading a Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review to know how the product makes pet care more fun and convenient.

Vivarium Structure

Without the usual enclosure decorations, any Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review suggests that the product simply looks like household furniture. The vivarium has an oak finish which makes it more chic than the usual ones which could be mistaken as aquariums. It has a height of 91.5 centimeters, width of 57.5 centimeters and depth of 49 centimeters. It is spacious enough for any small- to medium-sized chameleon. The vivarium also has a bar where the resident chameleon can climb on. While some enclosures have elaborate structures, Vivexotic’s vivarium remains minimalist in design.

All sides of the vivarium, except from the front part, are made from wood. The front of the enclosure features glass doors. A Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review doesn’t contain much information about the toughness of these glass doors. However, in the product specifications, the glass used are considered five times stronger than the standard. A slidestopper is added to the doors to ensure that the resident chameleon won’t easily get out of its home. This slidestopper can be removed from time to time for easier feeding or cleaning.

Vivexotic’s vivarium has small holes to facilitate proper ventilation for the resident chameleon. The size of the holes are just right for air to enter the enclosure, at the same time, small enough to prevent the exit of insects that serve as the meals of the chameleon.

Optional Items

One of the optional items offered alongside the vivarium is a 64.5 centimeters high cabinet. While it seems that the only purpose of the cabinet is to provide an elevation to the vivarium, any Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review says otherwise. It can serve as a storage area for all of the supplies and tools needed for the care of the chameleon and the maintenance of its home.

Aside from the cabinet, other optional yet highly recommended products for chameleon care include basking lamp, ballast unit, light bracket, light dome and fluorescent bulbs. Buying these items may entail additional costs but they can help extend the lifespan of the chameleon.


Vivexotic viva chameleon vivarium review stresses the lack of enclosure decorations that comes along with the product. Nevertheless, this problem can be resolved without the need to visit the pet store (although they might have some decorative products). With a little bit of creativity, pet owners can just repurpose an old container into a feeding dish. They can also insert small tree branches inside so their chameleons can have something to climb on in addition to the built-in bar. Potted plants may be added as well.