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Track workouts for sprinters

Here are valuable tips to follow when you want to become a good sprinter. These track workouts for sprinters help you run fast to win the race.

Run Fast and Beat the Opponents: Track Workouts for Sprinters

Natural speed is an important part of being an athlete and despite your lack of it you can improve your sprinting by engaging in track workouts for sprinters. Techniques are learned and training well in this area can greatly solve your sprinting flaws. Practice makes perfect as the old adage goes. And getting down in practice will put your track workouts in the proper perspective to enable you to run faster.

Aside from speed, quickness is also crucial attribute that any athlete must possess. The good news is that both speed and quickness can be possibly improved. There are track workouts for sprinters that can be learned.

Track workouts for sprinters as backbone to gain speed

It is very essential for one to do maximum sprint workouts diligently to attain the goal. The big mistake of many athletes is to relax during the off-season. The training should still go on during this period and increase working out when the track season commences. Whether it is track season or not, track workouts need to be done two or three times per week. Your body has to continuously be accustomed to the movements.

Right techniques when executing track workouts

If there is anything important to achieve the right track workouts for sprinters, it is the right form of the athlete. You should be aware that there is possibility of having wasted movements while you do your workout. To be a good sprinter, you should know the right position of your feet. Ensure then that the toes and the ball of your foot should be the only part of your foot that must have a direct contact to the ground. When the heel touches the ground, you are bound to execute wasted motion. Wrong movements of your upper body can also be wasted movements. To prevent his from happening, ensure that your shoulder and neck muscles are not tense. Your arms must be positioned forward then your arms must bend inward.

Did you know that even your breathing way must be specific? You breathe with your nose and not with your mouth. You must look ahead and forward. When you look downward, it would be hard for you to catch your breathe. After your sprinting or running exercises, never bend to rest otherwise your body will not be adjusted to the change and it would be difficult for you to catch your breath.

The right track workouts for sprinters must follow interval training. With this, you practice with short intense running then follow this with short rest period.

Suggested exercises for the workout

When doing the tract workouts for sprinters, there are usual and recommended movements or exercises. There are jumps, skips, hops, leg bounds, and weight throws.

  • Jumps – There are three types of jumps that are part of the track workouts for sprinters. The tuck jump is merely squatting down followed by jumping as high as possible off the ground, then squatting down again upon landing. The legs are tucked into the chest while doing the jump. The rocket jump is executed in the same manner as the tuck jump except that in the rocket jump the finger tips are stretched to the toes. In the lunge jump, you explode off the ground in a lunge position.


  • Skips – You can skip for height or skip for distance. In skipping for height, you will execute a too high vertical jump. In skipping for distance you spring forward.


  • Line hops – This is the fastest track workouts for sprinters. You have two points connected by imaginary line. You bounce back and forth the two points.


  • Leg bounds – You will do snapping motion on the legs followed by a forward explosion.


  • Weight throws – There are two types of weight throws as part of the track workouts for sprinters. One is the forward weight throw and the other is overhead weight throw. From the name, you either do a forward throw or a throw over the head to your back.

For all the track workouts for sprinters, you will need to first undergo a few sessions of stretching. As with other exercises, the effort will be useless when you hurt yourself without doing stretching to warm up and to cool down the muscles.