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Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review

Getting All You Need And More From A Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

New owners of chameleons are scrambling to find out how to rightfully care for their pets. These lizards, which are mostly from Madagascar but also from other parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, have become quite popular among household owners. Chameleons are said to be wonderful animals to look at. They are able to change their color whenever they are angry or afraid. Sometimes they change their color to regulate heat. They come in vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, blue, and green. Some of them are brown and black.

Chameleon owners, however, might be surprised to find out that taking care of their pets is not as simple as it seems. The misconception that reptiles are easier to take care of is not true. Chameleons need the right enclosure which includes appropriate decor, humidity control, and UVB lighting. With all these requirements, a Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review states that a starter kit is an ideal purchase for new chameleon owners. Although it is possible to build a chameleon cage from scratch, new chameleon owners are advised to buy a starter kit which has everything that a chameleon needs.

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit comes highly recommended. According to a Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review, it’s a great starter kit for owners of Old World Chameleons, as well as Jackson Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, Parson’s Chameleons, and Veiled Chameleons, among others. The ReptiBreeze open-air aluminum screen cage has a width of 16 inches, a length of 16 inches, and a height of 30 inches. Since it is a starter kit, the Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit is ideal for keeping pet chameleons that are small to medium-sized.

The starter kit comes with decor such as naturalistic bush plants and a naturalistic flexible hanging vine, adds a Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review. These artificial plants are important for chameleons because they are arboreal. This means that chameleons are usually found on trees. Since they are held in captivity in households, they must be given branches to climb and plants to rest on.

Chameleons also need the right level of humidity inside the cage. A digital terrarium thermometer is provided for this purpose. These unique lizards need to be kept warm as well, which is why the starter kit includes a tropical UVB and heat lighting kit.

Aside from these basic features, a Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review notes that the starter kit has an Eco Carpet plus samples of Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc. products such as Repti Calcium without Vitamin D3, ReptiVite with Vitamin D3, and ReptiSafe water conditioner.

New chameleon owners would be delighted to find out from a Zoo med reptibreeze chameleon kit review that the starter kit provides everything they need and more. A bonus for pet owners is that the starter kit is easy to assemble. One just needs a screwdriver to build the screen cage. Once the cage is set up, the carpet, vine, and plants may be added, followed by the installation of the UVB lamp and digital thermometer. Zoo Med even has a customer service department that assists local and international customers who may be having a hard time getting started with their very own ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit.