Urban beatz flash wireless rhythmic led speaker review

The Flashiest Wireless Speaker

With so many speakers for sale out in the market today, which one would you choose? Would you stick to the traditional speakers or would you go with the flow of trends and get something unique yet functional at the same time?

Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker has got everything covered for you. It gives you form, function and not to mention that undeniable “oomph” factor, which will surely have everyone talking about your new speakers.

Relatively new in the market, Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is out to wow consumers. What’s the wow factor you say? Well, it glows! The speaker features LED lights that move and flash in time to the beat of the music you are playing at the moment, but more than the entertaining light show, the speaker also has other features that prove that it is not only eye-catching but highly functional at the same time. Read on to find out more about its features.

What Makes Urban Beatz Good?

First of all, the speaker has a sleek and stylish design. The circular-shaped glow speaker, which comes in a set of two is also durable and this is always a plus factor especially if you like to take it outdoors. It is customized with light sensitivity controls and a built-in volume which produces nothing but clean and clear sound quality – no irritating statics here, you can depend on that!

Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is also a versatile speaker since it is highly portable. It measures 4x3x8.5 and you can use it either wired or wireless. This means that you can play it in the comforts of your home or in outdoor settings like a backyard party or a barbecue for an instance. When used without its cable, it can play for as long as four hours if it is fully charged. It also comes with a Bluetooth range that can reach up to 30 feet, making it more accessible to other devices you wish to pair it with.

Along with the glow speakers, you will also get a charging cable, the 3.5 mm aux cable for wired playing and of course that essential user manual. The speakers come in sophisticated black or white.

Music in itself is already a great means of creating that particular ambiance in any occasion. Whether you are hanging out on your own or you are with a group of people in a small party, there is nothing like music to boost up the mood. But couple that with a mesmerizing light display and you got yourself a great gadget. These are exactly the things that Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker offers to you for the very affordable price of $24.99. Now that is one good deal.

Urban Beatz has been known for producing high quality speakers and Urban Beatz Flash Wireless Rhythmic LED Speaker is no exception. Get your own set now and be one of the first to avail of this great audio-visual product.