Urban beatz rockbox speaker review

Urban Beatz Rockbox Review


Today’s market is saturated with speakers in every size and shape, but only a few are worth your money. Don’t be fooled by products with sleek facades that fall short in terms of reliability and longevity. Some appear in the guise of expensive brands, misleading consumers into buying subpar devices which are primarily just status symbols. Quality is difficult to come by these days. The good thing is that there are a few select speakers which offer good value for your money. One of them is the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker.


This portable speaker is perfect for your listening needs both at home and outdoors. For as low as $40, you will get the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker along with a 26-inch USB charging cable and a 33-inch auxiliary cable with a 3.5-mm stereo plug. It is simple to set and to connect to your audio source.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker consists of a pair of 3-watt speaker cones enclosed in a chic landscape box. It is 7 inches long and has a cross section of 2.2 inches wide by 2.2 inches high. It’s small enough to carry around or store in a bag. It is complete with control buttons to adjust the volume and navigate the playlist. Its stainless steel grilles with rounded corners could easily fit in your home décor but also make it casual enough to take with you anywhere. The rubberized finish of the exteriors maintains the speaker’s pristine appearance. It also comes in a variety of colors which suit your personality and preference. You can choose from classic black, fiery red, chic pink, and funky lime.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker guarantees a 30-meter transmission line from the speaker to the audio source making it convenient for you to move around while still connected to the device. You can use the speakers to listen to your saved music or the radio, channel the audio from videos you are watching, and even take calls through its built-in microphone.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker at full volume can reverberate loudly in an enclosure even across rooms and within a reasonable distance out in the open. You are free to use it while preparing dinner, taking a shower, or having a cookout on your lawn. It is compatible with all devices which have a Bluetooth connection like smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and PCs. You may use the auxiliary cable to connect to appliances like the television.


The Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker also offers high-definition sound which is the basic requirement for any decent speaker. Spoken words, sounds, and music are crisp and clear as they should be. The device also has minimum to no sound distortion which is common among most commercially available portable speakers, especially when they’re used in the loudest volume range. Above all, you need not worry too much about running out of battery juice because its rechargeable batteries can last up to 7 hours even with continuous playing.


Among the portable speakers available out there, the Urban Beatz Rockbox Speaker is phenomenal. It comes highly recommended from other users who have thoroughly enjoyed its reliability in bringing high quality sound for long hours.