Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit

The Essentials of Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Starter Kit

Bearded dragons are some of the most popular exotic pets out there. These reptiles look threatening at first glance, mainly due to their spiky and scaly beards, but they are actually quite harmless. Many animal lovers also like them because their needs are quite easier to provide compared to other exotic pets. A variety of insects and plant-based foods can serve as the meals of the said exotic pets. They don’t require a company as well. Living alone is much better for them because of their tendency to be territorial.

To make bearded dragon care more manageable, a plethora of vivarium options and starter kits are available in stores. One of which is the Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit. This starter kit is composed of a vivarium, ballast unit, basking lamp, glo light, two fluorescent bulbs, two digital thermometers and two sandpaper mats. An optional cabinet is also offered alongside the starter kit.

Vivexotic Vivarium

A vivarium is a must-have for exotic pet care. Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit includes a vivarium that can house not just one but two bearded dragons (preferably a male and a female). While these reptiles are considered safe, it is still better to keep them in an enclosure. Doing so saves the owners from cleaning their possible mess in the house.

Vivexotic’s vivarium is made from wood with an oak finish. Its design is simple; buyers can assemble it in just a few minutes. It looks like an overhead display cabinet with only two internal shelves. The shelves are strategically placed so that there will be ideal basking areas for the bearded dragons while inside the enclosure. The vivarium features a couple of sliding glass doors as well. These doors are equipped with stopper to prevent the bearded dragons from escaping their enclosure.

Aside from the basking needs of bearded dragons, the vivarium from Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit also meets the ventilation needs of the said reptiles. The ventilation system can be found at the back of the enclosure.


In the wild, bearded dragons satisfy their basking needs by climbing trees and rocks in the morning. With Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit, such needs can be satisfied by artificial lights. The starter kit includes two fluorescent bulbs and one basking lamp. If the reptiles already had too much UVA and UVB rays, they can just hide under the shelves. The undersides of the shelves are designed to resemble the shades where wild bearded dragons usually hide.



Sandpaper Mats

Bearded dragons love to burrow especially the pregnant ones. That is why their enclosure should have sand. Having this material exposes the wooden part of the vivarium into moisture. To avoid damages from such moisture, sandpaper mats are added in the starter kits.

Vivexotic viva bearded dragon starter kit is not recommended for baby bearded dragons or those that are smaller than 20 centimeters. The kit doesn’t also include a feeding dish for pets so the owners must buy it separately.