YueYueZou Glowing Artificial Jellyfish Ornament For Aquarium

YueYueZou Glowing Artificial Jellyfish Ornament For Aquarium Review

One of the cool things about owning a fish tank is that you can design the interior to your specifications. While you can always leave your tank alone, with just a few things in it, you can also deck it out to make it look like the beauty that you get from snorkeling or going deep under water. Regardless of the type of tank that you have, you’ll definitely want to design and change up the interior of your tank for your fish. There are a lot of options, but few compare to the beauty that comes with a YueYueZou Glowing Artificial Jellyfish Ornament For Aquarium.

The Rundown (Basics)

The YueYueZou Glowing Artificial Jellyfish Ornament For Aquarium is simple enough, it’s a jellyfish that you put in your tank. However, this is not a live jellyfish obviously, and it lights up just right. You will find that this lights up and glows, moving ever so slightly on the inside. It’s harmless, your fish will not get hurt, and it works in fresh and salt water. It’s made of a soft silicone, and it works great when you utilize a blue or a black light. Once you have the light in place, you’ll find that the lighting makes these glow quite nicely and you’ll find that it looks like you have a few jellyfish playing in the water with your fish. The overall size of these are around 2 inches, and when you pick up a pack of 6, you’ll be able to put them throughout your tank and have them glowing in no time. Tie this together with other glowing elements like coral, or trees, and you’ll find your tank will become quite the presentation piece.

Bottom Line

The YueYueZou company has really done great with this option. It’s a great way to design your tank a bit more than traditional, and it’s safe for your fish. That’s the important part, it’s 100% safe, and easy to use. Once you put these in place, and let them just sway a bit, you’ll be mesmerized by how life like they look. Turn on the black or blue light and watch them glow even more.

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